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10 Date Ideas For Valentines Day

Written by Beaconside House
May 18, 2022

Beaconside House is all about the romantic setting, relaxed, informal vibe and the creation of memories that'll last a life time. We are lucky enough to witness weddings on a weekly basis and we never tire of seeing 2 people join together in partnership.

Not surprisingly, Valentines is one of our favourite times of the year, so we have come up with the following ideas to make sure you score highly in your partner's good books...

  • Go on a walk to your favourite spot and pack a picnic full of your favourite treats. (Of course, include prosecco...!)
  • Surprise your partner with a Wine Crawl. Instead of sticking to just one spot, hop from place-to-place and order different kinds of wine and tapas along the way. Who doesn't like wine and tapas?!
  • The way to someones heart is definitely making them laugh. Research a comedy night and book tickets for an evening that certainly won't be boring!
  • Both have high pressured careers? A spa day is always a good idea. Relax, unwind and enjoy some well earned peaceful time together. (No phones allowed).
  • For those active couples out there, hire yourself a tandem bike and enjoy a day riding around scenic the spots of North Devon. A quick stop off at a country pub always goes down well too.
  • Chasing sunsets! North Devon boasts some of the best sunsets around, so why not trek to the beach, find yourself a romantic spot and watch the sun set together. Ultimate cuteness.
  • My personal favourite date idea: Go and watch your favourite band together. There's no greater feeling than listening to your favourite music with your best one dancing next to you!
  • Time to pop those wellie boots on and take a walk in the woods. Make sure your 4 legged friend joins in on the fun too.
  • Karaoke... end of.
  • And FINALLY! Come and book in your private viewing at Beaconside house to discover the wedding venue of your dreams! You won't be disappointed...

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