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Wedding Venues North Devon - Welcome to Beaconside House

Looking for your perfect country house wedding in Devon? Beaconside Country House sits on a 25 acre country estate in North Devon and offers you exclusive use of the house and estate for your wedding venue and accommodation. A relaxed and stress free wedding venue in the countryside with everything you could possibly want in one place. A perfect wedding venue all year round, including fabulous winter weddings in our stunning glass house offering spectacular views of the North Devon countryside.

A short drive from the beach and the stunning coastline of North Devon, Beaconside House is one of the most unique wedding venues in Devon, offering exclusive accessibility of the entire country estate for your Wedding.

We look forward to welcoming you to Beaconside, and sharing your wedding day journey. Get in touch today to find out more and how to come and see the magic unwind for yourself call us on 01237 475 118.


'It's a very special place that creates beautiful memories...'

We have just got married at Beaconside House and it was without doubt the most beautiful, serene, relaxed and friendly environment you could wish for. The staff are angels (including Freddington) and the venue exceeds anything I have ever experienced. I cannot thank any of the team more or recommend Beaconside enough. I am totally in love with Beaconside now, it's a very special place that creates beautiful memories so easily.

Ella and Wayne

'We are so happy we chose Beaconside as our wedding venue...'

Dear Laura, Mark and all the team at Beaconside..

Well I don’t really know where to begin. We truly have had the most amazing wedding weekend at Beaconside. The amount of work that goes on at Beaconside to deliver such a personable experience is incredible.

We just cannot stop talking about it, completely still living in the bubble and going over everything and how the day unfolded etc, it’s great!

How fantastic we were able to have the ceremony outside! You guys were amazing with this. Laura when you came in at 12.50pm it was raining. I was convinced it would have to be inside but you said let’s hang on... when you came back in at 1.20pm  just before we left and said ‘ you’re outside ‘ I just couldn’t believe it! We are so grateful to you for putting in so much effort, checking the weather, drying the seats, setting up indoors, it’s all extra work but thank you so so much!

We were made to feel so welcome at Beaconside, Mark you really have a warming sense of this is my home extended to you.. something very special and unique for a wedding venue to have, I’m sorry I didn’t catch your wife’s name but please thank her too, she was great!

I have to point out too how amazing the food was. Many of our guests have gone out of their way to express this, really amazing!

I could go on and on..

Please express our thanks to the rest of the team, we really appreciate how hard everyone works. We feel so lucky to of been a part of the Beaconside family and are so happy we chose Beaconside as our wedding venue.

We thank you so much. 

Mr & Mrs Lines xxx


Sharon and Tony

Our Packages, Your Choice...

What we want for you...

Knowledge and experience, we know what’s important to you. We are all truly passionate about what we do and between us it’s our pleasure to ensure you have the most amazing Beaconside  wedding experience possible! Each of us is only a phone call away with any queries you may have that we will be delighted to answer.

Mark "the proprietor", is the guy in the know and will always be happy to answer any questions or queries you may have before, during and after your Beaconside stay.

Laura is our experienced and extremely enthusiastic wedding manager, she will support you throughout your whole journey from start to finish, she lives and breathes weddings in fine detail, no dream is too big or no wish too small!

Ali is the one to go to for all things style, she can make anything look fabulous and will happily give you any advice you need.

Lou is our lovely head of house keeping making sure that everything is completed and immaculate before your arrival. She will be here to assist you with anything extra you need during your stay.

Shane is our ‘can do’ attitude handy man, not only a friendly face around the estate to have a good chin wag with,  he can help you with all your maintenance needs during your Beaconside stay.

Call us today on 01237 475 118 
Option 1 - For Laura and wedding enquires 
Option 2 - For Mark and anything holidays 
Option 3 - For Shane and all things maintenance
Option 4 - For Lou and all things housekeeping


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