The Background Behind Beaconside...

The Manor House was built in 1840 to accommodate the manager of the 420 acre Annery Estate. The original Annery Mansion was sadly demolished in 1959. A walk through our ancient woodland turning right along the drive, will bring you to the site of the original house.

Beaconside House became independent of the site in the 1920’s. Conveyancing details of the Estate including the walled garden, croquet lawns, orchard and woodlands, thankfully remain to this day.

When Mark took over the property in 1998 it was being run as a hotel but was in need of a major refurbishment! Whilst the work was taking place, Beaconside House and in particular the woodland was as you can imagine a great place for his children to grow up. Mark made the decision to develop the original stables into holiday cottages (the archway between the dining and sitting area in Goodison Cottage formed the entrance for the horse-drawn carriages), he also installed both the indoor and outdoor pools. Stackstead formed the main ‘body’ of the stable area and during the development of Bay Tree Cottage he discovered a well which is now a unique feature in the living room floor!

Wanting to do ‘our bit’ for the environment, in March 2014, we installed our Biomass heating system. The system works by, in a one year period, feeding 70 tonnes of dry wood pellets into a furnace. The water is passed through a heat exchanger and stored in two four thousand litre tanks!... The swimming pool, the house and cottages are all linked via underground pipework and they ‘call’ for hot water and heating when required…Since March 2015 we are proud to say that we have reduced our carbon footprint by 75%...All clever stuff!